A marriage is a most beautiful relationship. It gives a new meaning to life. When a couple bless with a baby, their life becomes complete. They feel they have earned everything in life. They cherish each and every moment of their life. On the other hand, there are couples who are stuck in the middle of nowhere. The marriage is no less than a hell for them. They fight daily and this relationship becomes a burden for them. No matter if it’s a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

Although, both the partners want to patch but all in vein They end up fighting. At this point of marriage, the need of a anxiety counselling Perth needed. A counsellor can help both the parties to calm down and show the positive points of marriage and give them a hope that they can stay together even with different opinion and mindsets.

The Issues

When a couple experience following things in a marriage then they need to visit a couple counsellor.

  • No Communication:

When there is no communication between the partners. They stay quite on many matters where they want to discuss and resolve the issue. They give preference to their egos and sometimes it is just that they want to discuss and ultimately the misunderstandings take birth.

  • Disagree at Many Points:

They never agree at one point. Though, the results are the same which they get but the process is different. They fight over the procedure.

  • Trust Issues:

They have trust issues. They don’t fully trust each other. When a person is saying that he is going out for some work then other person might be thinking that he is lying and he is going out for a date or something. In this way, they start hiding things with each other and hence the issues occur.

  • Zero Sex Life:

They have almost zero sex life. When there are so many complications in a relationship, they don’t urge to intimate with a partner who never agrees to anything or try to listen to anything which is a bad thing.

  • Pin Points Small Negative Points:

A marriage works when there is appreciation. When we start pin pointing small issues and neglecting the other sacrifices then after a lapse of time, person start hating life.

  • Don’t Share Secrets:

When there is no trust, we can’t share the secrets with each other. A trust is the core ingredient of sharing things.

So, as a married couple if you have been going through such situation then immediately contact Fremantle Counselling, we have the best counsellors available for you. We also offer perfect depression counselling sessions to spend a better life.

Why Couples Counselling Is Needed